I have dabbled in all sorts of crafts over the years, from quilting, to weaving but finally found my passion in glass. I love the way that glass is transformed by the flame – you never really know what you’re going to get until it comes out of the kiln. I create lampwork beads which I add to stainless steel serving utensils and also fused glass plates to complement the utensils. The term lampwork comes from the time when artists used oil lamps to melt the glass. Today, we use table mounted torches and the more modern term is flameworking. The process of sitting at a torch and creating beautiful colors and designs is mesmerizing and one I cannot get enough of. For 35 years I was in the software business, selling big systems to companies around the world. Once I took up glass all I could think about when I was working my ‘regular’ job was how soon could I get back into the studio! Working full time in the software industry and keeping up my glass work created an interesting tension. The glass finally won – I am now retired from corporate America and working full time on my glass.

Upcoming Shows:

Paradise City, Marlborough, MA. March 22-24

Newton Open Studios, Artisans at 72 Columbus Street, April 6-7


The Clever Hand, 52 Central Street, Wellesley, MA. 

Cambridge Artists Cooperative, 59a Church Street, Cambridge, MA.

Shrewsbury Country Shoppe, 598 Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA.